Sydney Property Rental Inspections

Sydney Property Valuers offer an expert residential condition inspection report independently of your real estate property manager and  you the self-managed residential property owner. This is one of our many Sydney property valuation services we can offer to our clients.

Over years of valuation experience I have been through 1000’s of residential properties both being owner occupied with granny flats and rental properties with multiple tenancies and have seen the heartache of their most precious investment asset being miss used and treated with contempt.

Sydney Property valuers are here to to help the owner’s who maybe out of town, interstate or overseas to be their eye’s and provide the services of three types of rental inspection reports to help protect their residential property asset.

1. Basic Report without photos 1 Rental inspection condition Report basic 1 example

2. Basic Report with Photos2 Periodic Inspection Condition Report 2 example

3. Comprehensive Report3 Periodic Inspection Condition Report 3 – example

We offer an honest and reliable residential inspection condition report service with the added advantage of you being able to upgrade to a full market valuation report with a rental guide  if required prior to the inspection date.

Insurance companies and bankers love these reports as it gives them insight and peace of mind knowing that Sydney Property Valuers are there guiding them with the reports at hand if required.

Sydney Property Valuations are your eyes which allow you quarterly independent inspections on your investment properties when you aren’t there which are tax deductible (see your tax agent for details).

Rental inspection condition report

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Rental Inspection Condition Reports