Sydney Property Valuation Types

Sydney Property Valuations

Examples of Valuations and Report Types Provided by Sydney Property Valuers

Stamp Duty:

Sydney Property Valuers provide fast reliable Stamp Duty Valuations for all situations for property transfers such as internal family purchases, share transfers/buy-outs, settlements, etc

Sydney Property valuers satisfy all requirements of the Office of State Revenue on property transfers and changes.


Retrospective Valuations are commonly required in capital gains tax at the point where the property becomes an investment property or an arrangement between parties made to buy another party out at a certain point in time and you require clarification of that the value was on that particular past date of agreement. Sydney Property valuers can help you.

Capital Gains Tax:

Should you improve your investment property by renovations, additions or perhaps knocking down and rebuilding the entire house, you are increasing its total value and consequently your Capital Gain on sale.
Your Capital Gains Tax can be minimised by choosing your renovations and improvement times carefully.
Your accountant, solicitor or financial advisor can help you chose these times.
Sydney property valuers can provide the appropriate Capital Gains Tax Valuation for you, whatever the situation- current or backdated.

Private Sale:

Selling your home privately and successfully hinges on knowing what your property is really worth. If you price your property too high it may attract little or no interest at all, costing you money and opportunity. If you price your property too low it will be snapped up quickly, leaving you wondering what price you might have achieved if you had priced your property higher. A valuation provides piece of mind and a true reflection of current market value.
Pre-sale valuations can include improvement reconciliations which will assist the property’s marketability and appeal – thus helping to achieve the best outcome.

Pre-Purchase Valuations:

If you’ve found that property, house or unit you are really interested in, it is a good idea to get a pre-purchase valuation.
Most people may get a pest and building inspection before purchase, which is fine, and well recommended, but the most important thing is the price, then the property’s state of repair, or what you may need to spend to get the property up to scratch.
Properties with glowing pest and building inspections and reports are more often than not at the peak, or well over market value value as you might expect. This is especially important when entering a private sale negotiation. For piece of mind, why pay over current market value.  A pre-purchase valuation by Sydney Property Valuers may save you thousands of dollars.

Probate Valuations:

Deceased estates and probate property settlements can often cause disputes between beneficiaries.  These properties are often widely advertised by real estate agents as deceased estates.  It is therefore, no surprise they are well monitored by many opportunists.
It is not until months or even years later that the beneficiaries may learn the true value of the property.
Probate valuations can be back-dated to date of death.
An independent valuation by Sydney Property Valuers assures the estate of fair market value at a specific date.

(SMSF) Self Managed Residential Property Superannuation Funds:

Sydney Property Valuers offer up to date yearly residential property portfolio valuations for self managed property based superannuation funds required by the Australian Taxation office and your accountant.

General Building Insurance:

Residential house valuations provide all the up to date information you require.
Sydney Property Valuers insurance valuations focus on the current market replacement value (this figure includes allowances for such items as demolition, removal of debris, replacement building costs, legal fees, administration etc.

Rental Inspection Condition Reports:

Sydney Property Valuations offer an expert residential property condition inspection report independently of your real estate property manager or agent and you yourself the self-managed residential property owner.

Over years of property valuation experience I have been through 1000’s of residential properties both being owner occupied with granny flats and rental properties with multiple tenancies and have seen the heartache of your most precious asset being miss used and treated with contempt.

Sydney Property valuers are here to help the owner’s who are out of town, interstate or overseas to be their eyes and provide the services of three types of rental inspection reports.

1. Basic Report without photos

2. Basic Report with photos

3. Comprehensive Report with photos